TIME Fibre Home Broadband RM100 off first bill for all plan


Enjoy RM 100off  your first bill across all plans
Visit www.time.com.my for further information on rebate and packages

1. All promotions displayed are applicable to 24-month contract plans only. Terms and conditions apply.

2. Subscribers of the no lock-in plan are not entitled to promotions and must pay a one-time charge of RM400 (100Mbps and 500Mbps) or RM500 (1Gbps) up front. Subscribers of Malaysian nationality who convert to a 24-month contract within the first 24 months will receive a monthly rebate of RM50, the duration of which varies between plans. For non-Malaysians, the amount will be used to offset the foreigner deposit.

3. These plans are only available for subscribers of the 24-month contract plan and are both subject to a 24-month contract term. Entitlement of free minutes for these plans is renewable monthly and cannot be carried forward. Normal call rates apply upon full utilisation of free minutes.

Voice calls are charged at a rate of 10 sen/min to all fixed and mobile numbers nationwide, and 8 sen/min for IDD calls to 60 countries. Click here for the full list of IDD call rates.

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