You Only Pay For The Coverage You Need. No More, No Less!


Berjaya Sompo is dedicated to being one of the leading insurance service providers in Malaysia. It is our belief that as a global insurance leader, each of our clients is entitled to world-class services.  Your protection is our priority as we strive to provide the best and comprehensive range of general insurance solutions for individuals and corporation.

Pay Less For Your Car Insurance
You only pay for the car insurance coverage you need. No more, no less.

Free Coverage for All Drivers
All authorised drivers are automatically covered and no nomination of drivers is required.

Car Insurance Discount for Female Policyholders
Special 5% discount for female policyholders.

Instant Car Insurance Renewal & JPJ Status Update
Instant car insurance renewal and connected to JPJ for your subsequent road tax renewal.

Choose Your Car Insurance Excess
The higher the excess amount you choose to self-pay, the lower premium for your car insurance.

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